The HumanLift Solution

This being the first blog, it is important to set the tone for what HumanLIFT stands for and what we want our clients to experience.

We all want to live our best lives. Feel our best, enjoy good health and have solid relationships with those we love. We want successful careers and contribute to our communities. In other words, we want to thrive.Reading this you might think or wonder, is it really possible? Is it really possible to have it all? To thrive, or as we like to call it, be in the zone.

This is where it gets sticky. What is the pill for that, or the hack or the secret to living your best life?  Today, in the health and wellness sphere, quick fixes and hacks are rife and used without hesitation. Disappointingly, those fixes or hacks don’t bring about the required change. They have their place and if used correctly, can be of benefit.  But, in all honesty, there is no such a pill, or hack or secret that replaces a holistic approach that takes hard work and dedication.

Nostradamus prophesised that 2018 will bring an advancement in medicine that will raise humans’ life expectancy up to at least 200 years of age. Even if that may happen, let’s settle for now with the knowledge established, tried and tested over thousands of years; change comes with hitting the grind stone. In fact, you have to work at it every. single. day.  You have to consistently do things that support getting to that sweet spot where it all comes together. Where health and love and career and whatever is important to you sing a song together in harmony and with ease. An oh let’s not forget, living your best life also comes with discomfort, with pain, with fear, with hardship. But alas! Living in the zone also means that you have turned your pain and suffering into friends or allies.

You have learnt to use them as tools, as roadmaps and as rocks to build on and grow. If you think back to your life and journey; those difficult times and moments all had beauty to them, it made you who you are today.

Here at HumanLIFT we believe that living in the zone is possible. Join us, join our quest, join our community, grab a coach, stack up on our health and wellness solutions and let’s move the needle together in health and wellness in this beautiful country of ours.


For those in need of recovering,

For those in need of restoring,

For those ready to thrive…


With love, and proudly South African…