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Finding it hard to stick to a keto diet? Not enough energy during your workout? Need an energy boost to get you through your day?

Perfect Keto Base offers a high-quality ketone supplement that gives you energy without the crash. Mix up some Base anytime you need a burst of energy, mental clarity, or want a simple keto-friendly meal replacement that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Made from the highest-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Perfect Keto Base makes it easy for you to get into ketosis and stay there.

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Ketosis And Your Overall Health

When your body doesn’t have enough glucose for energy, it burns fats instead— a metabolic state known as ketosis.

The ketogenic diet is aimed at keeping your body in a state of ketosis, so your body burns its own fat stores for energy. Instead of glucose.

Being in ketosis supports faster fat burning. Especially during long workouts (when your body needs more energy).Ketones (the acids that build up in your body while in ketosis) have also been shown to suppress brain glucose consumption, which may help you feel mentally sharper throughout the day. Ketosis also promotes a healthy metabolism, and can make you feel less hungry. But getting into ketosis isn’t easy. Staying there’s even harder. Perfect Keto Base is the easiest way to support your keto diet.

How It Fits Into Your Keto Lifestyle

Base doesn’t contain any filler ingredients, so you won’t get that bitter taste found in other supplements. For the best results, take Perfect Keto Base on an empty stomach. Whether you know what ketosis is, or are just hearing it for the first time, remember this: ketosis encourages your body to use (and burn) fat for energy. It’s a preferred source of energy. Not glucose, which is what most of us burn because of our high-carb diets. Perfect Keto Base is the secret weapon to support your keto lifestyle by boosting ketone levels.

You can consume Keto Base in a variety of ways. We recommend mixing the base with a coconut or almond milk, or mixing it with your morning coffee for an energy and ketone boost. The rule of thumb is to take 1/2 a scoop when you’re transitioning into ketosis. Take 1 full scoop if you’re already following a ketogenic diet.

Better, Sweeter Taste With Monk Fruit

Perfect Keto Base contains only natural ingredients, making it an essential part of a healthy diet.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or simply BHB, is a naturally occuring molecule called a ketone body. It is one of the main molecules that provides your body with energy in the absence of glucose. A BHB salt is a supplement version of ketones that your body can readily use as energy to help get you into ketosis.

Monk fruit is used to sweeten Base. Monk fruit extract is 150-200 times sweeter than traditional sugar. But it doesn’t spike your blood sugar. And contains zero calories.

With Perfect Keto Base, you can feed your sweet tooth, and stay committed to your health goals.

How Many Servings Per Container

15 full scoop servings, or 30 half scoop servings. It is best to start with a half scoop and then slowly work up to a full scoop.

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