HumanLIFT Coaches are deep believers in that health and wellness can be optimised with the right mindset, support and set of tools. They are Certified Human Potential Coaches trained by the Bulletproof Training Institute.

We believe that health and wellness should sprout from the client’s own beliefs and motivation to result in change. We therefor offer life coaching with internationally trained and certified coaches to create a safe space for clients to discuss challenges, set goals and harness accountability to make lasting change.

The first session is always free of charge. The session will be used to explore the goals of coaching together as well as answer any questions that the client might have. Contracting will only happen after the first session to give the client the opportunity to decide if the coach and/or coaching is a desired fit.

Coaching Intake Form

  • Part One : Personal Information

    To get the coaching process started please take time to identify three life goals or ideal outcomes you would like to achieve. These goals and outcomes should be challenging (so you remain appropriately interested and engaged), positively stated and achievable (realistic). To assist, try answering these questions:
  • We can always change this package after our initial consultation.
  • Goal/Outcome One =

  • GOAL/OUTCOME EXAMPLE 1 = 15% Body Fat. This is important to me because: I am self-conscious about my weight, scared of dying prematurely, concerned that I am putting on weight, it’s negatively impacting my energy. When I achieve this I will feel: Happy, peaceful, confident, and a sense of relief. Habits getting in the way of achieving this outcome: Eating sugar ++, overeating, emotional eating, large portion sizes, consuming carbs++,
  • Goal/Outcome Two =

  • GOAL/OUTCOME EXAMPLE 2 = A Calm, Focused, Confident, High Performing Way of being. This is important to me because: I sense I am living a fraction of my full potential, I get stressed and anxious easily, inwardly I don’t always feel confident, I get distracted easily. When I achieve this I will feel: Happy, peaceful and relaxed Habits getting in the way of achieving this outcome: Very busy mind, I overthink, strong inner critic, work long hours, don’t make time for relaxation/fun, strong perfectionist tendencies.
  • Goal/Outcome Three =

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