Being #HumanLIFT in the City of Cape Town

Whilst enjoying an Americano (my favourite poison) in Truth Coffee Roasting in Cape Town a couple of weeks ago, I wrote this blog.  If you haven’t visited Truth’s café yet, treat yourself. If not only for their extraordinary good coffee, the café is quite beautiful and has an excellent vibe. Anyway, watching a sea of healthy Capetonians enjoying coffee, talking business, doing a pit stop during or after a workout, it is quite evident that this city is leading the race in enjoying a healthy lifestyle in South Africa. I visited for a week to enjoy some downtime and I always try to visit this beautiful city a couple of times a year. Once you touch down, the word downtime becomes a reality as you are immediately confronted with not only the natural gorgeousness that is Cape Town, but also people running, biking, swimming, walking their pups, jumping off stuff, climbing stuff, hikers and so the list goes on.  Despite it being winter when I was there, you immediately want to join in and move with the crowd. There is something contagious about it and one wonders why Cape Town is so infectiously healthy and why Capetonians are so active.

You might immediately think that they have the ocean, the beaches, the nature, the mountain, so moving more regularly is easier and more accessible. It is easy wanting to be outside, as Cape Town’s beauty knows no boundaries. That might be true, but Cape Town’s healthier opportunities do not end there, and they have a movement going that might have little to do with being a beautiful city.

One of the challenges we have in this country is having access to healthy options to support a healthier lifestyle. You can ask anyone what it takes to be healthier. If you ask them why they are not engaging in being healthy, one of the reasons is the access to healthy food. Upon arrival in Cape Town this time around, we visited a local SPAR in Sea Point to stock up on food to eat the week. The SPAR to my surprise was stocked with healthy foodstuffs, organic veggies, supplements and other health goodies. Yes, you heard me, the SPAR! And these health foods we strategically placed close to the entrance of the shop. At my local SPAR here in Hartbeespoort, you are assaulted with a mountain of baked goods like cakes, cookies and breads at the entrance. The two shelves of health foods are hidden at the back and leave nothing to be desired. It looked more like a Wholefoods Market this SPAR in Sea Point. You could also see them supporting local businesses in the products they sell. I also visited other shops and noticed a definite attempt to cater for folks wanting to be healthier.  Even the Wellness Warehouse shops down in the Cape seem to have it amped up compared to those up here.

There are also endless possibilities in visiting vegan, vegetarian or otherwise healthier restaurants in every suburb I visited.  If you struggle, the chef is usually very willing to prepare you a meal gluten-free or however you want it. Many normal restaurants would even add a couple of menu items with healthier ingredients and waiters don’t look surprised if you have specific dietary requirements. I even found a small joint called Marrow where delicious bone broth is made and you can order it by the litre!

As you may know by now, HumanLIFT is also about putting fat in your coffee. When you hit the city, and you do a Google search, a couple of spots close to you pop up to offer the deliciousness of butter coffee, keto coffee or ‘bulletproof coffee’ as some might know it. At Truth’s cafe, I chose the Battlebrew off Truth’s menu and enjoyed my fatty coffee.  I visited the States recently and even in a city like New York, keto coffee is still a quest to find. Super impressed by this.

So you can very easily, all around the city enjoy a myriad of health food joints, juice bars, vegan restaurants or whatever your preference is. You can stock up on health and wellness goods at local shops. After a workout you can eat out at a restaurant with your gym clothes still on without being looked at funny. You can grab a cup of keto coffee just down the street. You can look out the window, rain or shine and people are getting their move on.

Well-done Cape Town! Please share your secret with us. Hopefully our other cities and towns will join in and help South Africans live a more HumanLIFT lifestyle. Joburg! You need to jack up your game…

The following establishments are definitely worth mentioning and should be on your Cape Town itinerary. I think I only scratched the surface here and will mention all my favourite spots going forward. HumaLIFT is not receiving any financial benefit from any of these businesses at the time of publishing this blog:

Truth Coffee Roasting – truth.coffee (Coffee is fabulous and of course, the Battlebrew)

Scheckter’s Raw – schecktersraw.com (Try the falafel and the Snickers Bar. O wow!)

Nü Health Food Café – nufood.co.za

Hudsons The Burger Joint – theburgerjoint.co.za (Their meat is grass-fed and they do a mean carb free bun)

Bacon on Bree – bacononbree.com (An entire menu built around bacon! Absolute heaven for those on keto, banting or the carnivore diet)

Spirit Café – spiritcafe.co.za (There is a vibe here of kindness and total commitment to health. You can also do a great keto coffee)

Marrow – marrowbroth.co.za (Because bone broth!!)

Plant – plantcafe.co.za

Olive Branch Deli – www.olivebranchdeli.com (This place is a hidden treasure. Almost like an alchemist’s kitchen. Quite extraordinary)