About our Founders

The HumanLIFT Founders are both deep believers in that health and wellness can be optimised with the right mindset, support and set of tools.

Monita About


Monita Böhmer is a Certified Human Potential Coach trained by the Bulletproof Training Institute with over 20 years of experience in Human Capital Management in the South African and International Mining and Manufacturing environment. Monita holds degrees in Social Sciences and Law.

Monita is passionate about working with people and thrive on seeing an individual develop and grow. Monita deeply believes that all humans can overcome challenges and change, they just need a safe space to tap into their own potential.


Elzanne Moodie

Elzanne Moodie is a Certified Human Potential Coach with over 10 years of experience in Sustainable Development Management in the South African Mining and Manufacturing environment. Elzanne holds degrees in Medical Sciences and in Environmental Sciences.

Elzanne is passionate about human biology and has a deep compassion for people with health challenges.  She continuously works to supplement her understanding of the latest health options available.

Elzanne is also a firm believer in continuous personal growth and also works hard every day at optimising her own health and wellness, she does not shy away from biohacking when an exciting opportunity presents itself.